TO alL MY cities on a hill

I'm speaking peace 

Be Still

there is no drop of darkness 

his presence can't expel


your streets may seem asunder

but your god he doesn't sleep

The god who never slumbers

we pray your souls to keep

and sweep your hearts

like these streets

cleanse iniquity

fill your lives 'til your walk

screams integrity

and when you stumble

when you fall

when you've had enough

stand you tall 

keep you humble

may he lift you up

toward every churcH, every home

may he turn his face

to every steeple, every dome

may you see his grace

to every nation, every tribe

every earthly tongue

we pray strength to run this race

knowing the battle's won

we pray you're unified


dead to pride

that, that human side

be identified and sanctified

through christ alone

the hope of glory

dmv, we bless you


-alyce metallo